Compute Module 3 – RASPBERRY PI

FAQs - Compute Module 3 – RASPBERRY PI

our part number recommendation to customers looking for one of these parts Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3+ Lite is: with the only difference being the amount of memory in the eMMC that is on each.

With that being said, Raspberry Pi has suggested to Digi-Key, that we mark the former CM3 versions as NRND because of the shortage of the BCM2837 chip. In fact they are not expecting to get enough of these chips to expect much for delivery through 2023.

There are two options they are suggesting. If Possible, redesign to be able to use the CM4 form factor, as this will be the form factor going forward for all new Raspberry Pi Compute modules. If that is not possible, they do have another product, the CM4S, which is basically a CM4, however it is built on the original CM3 form factor.

There is some more documentation around both for review. If there is interest in the CM4S, what we have been doing is setting up meetings between the customer and Raspberry PI and us to vet the customer to make sure they are a good fit for this form factor. Once Raspberry PI approves, we can then submit orders for this part. Currently it’s not available on the open market, however it sounds like it will be the future.