Help with ONSemi IC

I have a component that is marked 041 5873 G and is from ON semi. However I can seem to find what it is.

Hello alltechsolutions,

I found similar parts that indicate the 041 is probably the date code. 0 for last digit of the year (2020, 2010, 2000,…), and the 41 is the work week (so some time in October).
However, I did not find anything that matched for the product code of 5873G. (G is for the RoHS compliance).

Hello @David_1768,

Negative search results - the part doesn’t seem to exist in any of the On-Semi material. However, I did find a clue that you may be able to expand upon. Consider this part:

For this to be correct, that funny looking “5” would need to be an upside down and mirrored “2”.



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Very plausible. If so, that’s a pretty serious error in printing. Makes one wonder about that part.

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@David_1768, @APDahlen

This is a better picture of the spot that IC is from. I’ve circled it in the picture below.

In the picture #1 is a SUP65P06-20 (Next picture:)

#2 is an ONSemi that I can’t find (Next picture:)

And #3 is a UC3843BVD

I am not sure if that helps at all or not.

Hello alltechsolutions.

Regretfully, I’m unable to assist you. We appear to be dealing with custom semiconductors designed for harsh automotive / industrial environments. I’m not able to confidently cross reference either the 5873 or the 2968 semiconductors. They may be custom designs or offered with part numbers unavailable via normal semiconductor search database.

Assuming this is an automotive application, I see a switching power supply designed to boost the car’s 12 VDC to approximately 75 VDC. From there it’s not clear to me how the power semiconductors are configured.

Any further speculation and I’d be guessing which could lead to confusion or damaged parts if you acted on my incomplete information.


  1. If this is a one-off repair, consider purchasing the OEM module or a replacement from a scrapyard.

  2. If you are repairing multiple modules, consider purchasing a functional module and then reverse engineer the design. However, be wary of the liability of repairing any safety-related modules e.g., ABS or SRS.

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@APDahlen You are correct about the modules I work on, a lot of the work that comes through my shop is from AG and Construction equipment. They seem to have a lot of custom ICs or part numbers which makes repair very expensive in terms of time reverse engineering or finding other modules to pull parts from.

I appreciate your help.

Does any one have a contact for ON Semi to see if they could give information or guidance?

@APDahlen when testing the 2968 seems to test as PNP transistor of sorts.

as a tech stated earlier looks to be a custom part we are not able to identify this part.

Understood, ByronT.

I can feel your frustration as many of the repairs would be simple if only you had schematics and spare parts at hand. I can see how the cost and time commitment would quickly escalate.

Again, sorry I couldn’t be of more assistance.



P.S. You may find additional assistance from On Semi at: