Find part number from top marking

This is the picture of the IC I have right now. I don’t know if this is the part number. I could just see top marking as HBCVQ-9235. Any help would be great in identifying the part of this IC.


Is this by chance out of an Aptina product? If so, this is apparently some type of image signal processor. Aptima was acquired by onsemi in 2014.

I’m not sure if this is the actual chip or not, but here’s a data sheet for the onsemi AP0101CS product family. The surface markings on these chips appear to be identical to the one in your photo. I wouldn’t take this as gospel that this is definitely your chip, but it might work as a good starting point.

Good luck!

Hello akash.s and welcome to the forum. The marking from the AP0101CS does appear to have the same style marking as photographed here, Though I am remiss to admit that I’m unsure if we have ever had this part on catalog.

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DigiKey does at least have a listing for it. But as I said before, without verifying the exact identity of the chip in his picture, I cannot with 100% certainty say this is the chip he’s looking for.