Hirose automated crimper

I need to crimp the wires of SMC valves S070B-6XG-X178, S070-6XG-X246, S070-6XG-X247 with a Hirose automated crimper (using crimp terminals DF13-2630SCFA and receptable DF13-12S-1.25C).

Which automated Hirose crimper will work? I can’t tell the difference between these two:

Hello we have H9994-ND hand or H124855-ND Bench Press I think you are looking for the bench press.

I am asking if I should be using AP105-DF13-2630S (H124855-ND) or AP105-DF13-2630S-S (AP105-DF13-2630S-S-ND)

According to page 8 of the datasheet as seen below, either will work for those contacts as long as the correct cable is used.