Crimp tool for HiRose DF52 connector


Hi Everyone,

I’m planning on using HiRose DF52 series connector on a few of my projects. They are board to board connectors, very small profile.

Here is a example of the connector cable side

connector card side

and the actual crimp

The tool HiRose recommends is this

Its 6500$ , and i’m not ready to invest that much yet. I’m mostly prototyping so I’m not crimping at volume yet. Does anyone know a small and cheaper handtool that i can use to crimp this connector.



There are some universal tools that you could look at such as the PA-09 or the WM9999-ND, however these are what they are universal and there is no guarantee that you would get the crimp specified by the manufacturer like if you were to use the MFG recommended tool.

See also:


Thanks for the prompt response and recommendation Robert. Unfortunately WM9999 is too big. The PA-09 looks promising , DF52 isn’t in the compatibility list , however it does support other 30-32 AWG crimps , so it might work. Regardless its a nice addition to my tool box.

I don’t mind buying ready made cable assemblies, if there is a 5 conductor DF52 cable assembly I can work with that.