HIROSE DF3A-xP-2DS Connector Shelf Life

For the HIROSE DF3A-xP-2DS series header, the manufacturer lists a suggested shelf life of 2 years if the parts are stored in proper condition.

For recommended storage conditions, please refer to Hirose’s datasheet HERE.

For more information on shelf life and why your connectors are probably still good even after two years, check out our post: Useful Information on Shelf Life

Applicable part numbers
Digi-Key Part Number Manufacturer Part Number
H3893-ND DF3A-2P-2DS
H3894-ND DF3A-3P-2DS
H3895-ND DF3A-4P-2DS
H3896-ND DF3A-5P-2DS
H3897-ND DF3A-6P-2DS
H3898-ND DF3A-7P-2DS
H3899-ND DF3A-8P-2DS
H3900-ND DF3A-9P-2DS
H3901-ND DF3A-10P-2DS
H3902-ND DF3A-11P-2DS
H3903-ND DF3A-12P-2DS
H3904-ND DF3A-13P-2DS
H3905-ND DF3A-14P-2DS
H3906-ND DF3A-15P-2DS