HMS Networks Gateway Products Suffix

If you are looking for Anybus X-gateway products from HMS Networks, you may see that their part numbers are available with a suffix that is not listed on the datasheet, such as AB7671-F.

Confirmed by HMS, this final suffix is the software version. All versions are backward’s compatible.

Applicable part numbers
HMS-EN2SE-R 1976-1036-ND
HMS-EN2PB-R 1976-1035-ND
HMS-EN2MB-R 1976-1034-ND
AWB5221-B 1976-AWB5221-B-ND
AWB5121-B 1976-AWB5121-B-ND
AWB4006-B 1976-AWB4006-B-ND
AWB4005-B 1976-AWB4005-B-ND
AWB3003-B 1976-1057-ND
AWB3000-B AWB3000-B-ND
AWB2031-B 1976-AWB2031-B-ND
AWB2030-B 1976-1056-ND
AWB2021-B 1976-AWB2021-B-ND
AWB2020-B 1976-AWB2020-B-ND
AWB2011-B 1976-AWB2011-B-ND
AWB2010-B 1976-AWB2010-B-ND
AWB1001-B 1976-AWB1001-B-ND
AWB1000-B 1976-AWB1000-B-ND
ASG4206-C ASG4206-C-ND
ASG4204-C ASG4204-C-ND
ASG4202-C ASG4202-C-ND
ASG4200-C ASG4200-C-ND
ASG4106-C ASG4106-C-ND
ASG4104-C ASG4104-C-ND
ASG4102-C ASG4102-C-ND
ASG4100-C ASG4100-C-ND
ASG4006-C ASG4006-C-ND
ASG4004-C ASG4004-C-ND
ASG4002-C ASG4002-C-ND
ASG4000-C ASG4000-C-ND
ASG1006-C ASG1006-C-ND
ASG1004-C ASG1004-C-ND
ASG1002-C ASG1002-C-ND
ASG1000-C ASG1000-C-ND
ABC3090-A 1976-ABC3090-A-ND
ABC3028-A 1976-ABC3028-A-ND
ABC3013-A 1976-ABC3013-A-ND
ABC3007-A 1976-ABC3007-A-ND
ABC3000-A 1976-ABC3000-A-ND
AB9079-C AB9079-C-ND
AB9078-C AB9078-C-ND
AB9077-C AB9077-C-ND
AB9071-C AB9071-C-ND
AB9009-B AB9009-B-ND
AB9008-B 1976-1032-ND
AB9007-B 1976-1031-ND
AB9006-B 1976-1030-ND
AB9005-B AB9005-B-ND
AB9004-B AB9004-B-ND
AB9003-B AB9003-B-ND
AB9002-B AB9002-B-ND
AB9001-B 1976-1029-ND
AB9000-B AB9000-B-ND
AB7985-F AB7985-F-ND
AB7979-F AB7979-F-ND
AB7972-F AB7972-F-ND
AB7970-F AB7970-F-ND
AB7964-F AB7964-F-ND
AB7963-F AB7963-F-ND
AB7961-F AB7961-F-ND
AB7960-F AB7960-F-ND
AB7959-F AB7959-F-ND
AB7958-F AB7958-F-ND
AB7957-F AB7957-F-ND
AB7956-F AB7956-F-ND
AB7955-F AB7955-F-ND
AB7954-F AB7954-F-ND
AB7953-F AB7953-F-ND
AB7944-F AB7944-F-ND
AB7943-F AB7943-F-ND
AB7916-F AB7916-F-ND
AB7901-F AB7901-F-ND
AB7900-F AB7900-F-ND
AB7899-F AB7899-F-ND
AB7898-F AB7898-F-ND
AB7897-F AB7897-F-ND
AB7896-F AB7896-F-ND
AB7895-F AB7895-F-ND
AB7894-F AB7894-F-ND
AB7893-F AB7893-F-ND
AB7892-F AB7892-F-ND
AB7891-F AB7891-F-ND
AB7890-F AB7890-F-ND
AB7889-F AB7889-F-ND
AB7888-F AB7888-F-ND
AB7887-F AB7887-F-ND
AB7886-F AB7886-F-ND
AB7885-F AB7885-F-ND
AB7884-F AB7884-F-ND
AB7883-F AB7883-F-ND
AB7882-F AB7882-F-ND
AB7881-F AB7881-F-ND
AB7880-F AB7880-F-ND
AB7879-F AB7879-F-ND
AB7878-F AB7878-F-ND
AB7877-F AB7877-F-ND
AB7876-F AB7876-F-ND
AB7875-F AB7875-F-ND
AB7874-F AB7874-F-ND
AB7873-F AB7873-F-ND
AB7872-F AB7872-F-ND
AB7871-F AB7871-F-ND
AB7870-F AB7870-F-ND
AB7869-F AB7869-F-ND
AB7868-F AB7868-F-ND
AB7867-F AB7867-F-ND
AB7866-F AB7866-F-ND
AB7865-F AB7865-F-ND
AB7864-F AB7864-F-ND
AB7863-F AB7863-F-ND
AB7862-F AB7862-F-ND
AB7861-F AB7861-F-ND
AB7860-F AB7860-F-ND
AB7859-F AB7859-F-ND
AB7858-F AB7858-F-ND
AB7857-F AB7857-F-ND
AB7856-F AB7856-F-ND
AB7855-F AB7855-F-ND
AB7854-F AB7854-F-ND
AB7853-F AB7853-F-ND
AB7852-F AB7852-F-ND
AB7851-F AB7851-F-ND
AB7850-F AB7850-F-ND
AB7849-F AB7849-F-ND
AB7848-F AB7848-F-ND
AB7847-F AB7847-F-ND
AB7846-F AB7846-F-ND
AB7845-F AB7845-F-ND
AB7844-F AB7844-F-ND
AB7843-F AB7843-F-ND
AB7842-F AB7842-F-ND
AB7841-F AB7841-F-ND
AB7840-F AB7840-F-ND
AB7839-F AB7839-F-ND
AB7838-F 1976-1028-ND
AB7837-F AB7837-F-ND
AB7836-F AB7836-F-ND
AB7835-F AB7835-F-ND
AB7834-F AB7834-F-ND
AB7833-F 1976-AB7833-F-ND
AB7832-F 1976-1027-ND
AB7831-F 1976-1026-ND
AB7830-F AB7830-F-ND
AB7829-F AB7829-F-ND
AB7828-F AB7828-F-ND
AB7827-F AB7827-F-ND
AB7826-F AB7826-F-ND
AB7825-F AB7825-F-ND
AB7824-F AB7824-F-ND
AB7823-F AB7823-F-ND
AB7822-F AB7822-F-ND
AB7821-F AB7821-F-ND
AB7820-F AB7820-F-ND
AB7819-F AB7819-F-ND
AB7818-F AB7818-F-ND
AB7817-F AB7817-F-ND
AB7816-F AB7816-F-ND
AB7815-F AB7815-F-ND
AB7814-F AB7814-F-ND
AB7813-F AB7813-F-ND
AB7812-F AB7812-F-ND
AB7811-F AB7811-F-ND
AB7810-F AB7810-F-ND
AB7809-F AB7809-F-ND
AB7808-F AB7808-F-ND
AB7807-F AB7807-F-ND
AB7806-F AB7806-F-ND
AB7805-F AB7805-F-ND
AB7804-F AB7804-F-ND
AB7803-F AB7803-F-ND
AB7802-F AB7802-F-ND
AB7801-F AB7801-F-ND
AB7800-F 1976-1025-ND
AB7702-B 1976-1024-ND
AB7699-F AB7699-F-ND
AB7698-F AB7698-F-ND
AB7697-F AB7697-F-ND
AB7696-F AB7696-F-ND
AB7695-F AB7695-F-ND
AB7694-F AB7694-F-ND
AB7693-F AB7693-F-ND
AB7692-F AB7692-F-ND
AB7691-F AB7691-F-ND
AB7690-F AB7690-F-ND
AB7689-F AB7689-F-ND
AB7688-F AB7688-F-ND
AB7687-F AB7687-F-ND
AB7686-F AB7686-F-ND
AB7685-F AB7685-F-ND
AB7684-F AB7684-F-ND
AB7682-F 1976-1023-ND
AB7680-F AB7680-F-ND
AB7679-F AB7679-F-ND
AB7678-F AB7678-F-ND
AB7677-F AB7677-F-ND
AB7676-F AB7676-F-ND
AB7675-F AB7675-F-ND
AB7674-F AB7674-F-ND
AB7673-F AB7673-F-ND
AB7672-F AB7672-F-ND
AB7671-F 1976-1022-ND
AB7670-F 1976-1021-ND
AB7669-F 1976-1020-ND
AB7668-F AB7668-F-ND
AB7663-F AB7663-F-ND
AB7662-F AB7662-F-ND
AB7661-F AB7661-F-ND
AB7660-F AB7660-F-ND
AB7659-F AB7659-F-ND
AB7658-F AB7658-F-ND
AB7657-F AB7657-F-ND
AB7656-F AB7656-F-ND
AB7655-F AB7655-F-ND
AB7654-F AB7654-F-ND
AB7653-F 1976-1019-ND
AB7652-F 1976-1018-ND
AB7651-F AB7651-F-ND
AB7650-F 1976-1017-ND
AB7649-F 1976-1016-ND
AB7648-F AB7648-F-ND
AB7647-F 1976-1015-ND
AB7646-F AB7646-F-ND
AB7644-F AB7644-F-ND
AB7643-F AB7643-F-ND
AB7642-F AB7642-F-ND
AB7641-F AB7641-F-ND
AB7640-F AB7640-F-ND
AB7639-F AB7639-F-ND
AB7638-F AB7638-F-ND
AB7637-F AB7637-F-ND
AB7636-F AB7636-F-ND
AB7635-F AB7635-F-ND
AB7634-F 1976-1014-ND
AB7633-F AB7633-F-ND
AB7632-F 1976-1013-ND
AB7631-F AB7631-F-ND
AB7630-F 1976-1012-ND
AB7629-F 1976-1011-ND
AB7628-F AB7628-F-ND
AB7627-F AB7627-F-ND
AB7626-F AB7626-F-ND
AB7625-F AB7625-F-ND
AB7624-F AB7624-F-ND
AB7623-F AB7623-F-ND
AB7621-F AB7621-F-ND
AB7620-F AB7620-F-ND
AB7519-F AB7519-F-ND
AB7518-F AB7518-F-ND
AB7517-F AB7517-F-ND
AB7516-F AB7516-F-ND
AB7515-F AB7515-F-ND
AB7514-F AB7514-F-ND
AB7513-F AB7513-F-ND
AB7512-F AB7512-F-ND
AB7511-F AB7511-F-ND
AB7510-F AB7510-F-ND
AB7509-F AB7509-F-ND
AB7508-F AB7508-F-ND
AB7507-F AB7507-F-ND
AB7506-F AB7506-F-ND
AB7505-F AB7505-F-ND
AB7504-F AB7504-F-ND
AB7503-F AB7503-F-ND
AB7502-F AB7502-F-ND
AB7501-F AB7501-F-ND
AB7500-F AB7500-F-ND
AB7329-B AB7329-B-ND
AB7328-B AB7328-B-ND
AB7321-B AB7321-B-ND
AB7319-B 1976-1010-ND
AB7318-B 1976-1009-ND
AB7317-B 1976-1008-ND
AB7316-B AB7316-B-ND
AB7315-B AB7315-B-ND
AB7314-B AB7314-B-ND
AB7313-B AB7313-B-ND
AB7312-B AB7312-B-ND
AB7311-B AB7311-B-ND
AB7308-B AB7308-B-ND
AB7307-B AB7307-B-ND
AB7306-B 1976-1007-ND
AB7305-B AB7305-B-ND
AB7304-B AB7304-B-ND
AB7303-B AB7303-B-ND
AB7302-B AB7302-B-ND
AB7301-B AB7301-B-ND
AB7300-B AB7300-B-ND
AB7078-B AB7078-B-ND
AB7077-B AB7077-B-ND
AB7009-B AB7009-B-ND
025070-C 1976-025070-C-ND
024380-C 1976-024380-C-ND
020570-B 020570-B-ND