Hockey Puck Relay

My customer is looking for a solid state relay. Either an exact match or equivalent.

  • Solid State Relay

  • 3~32VDC
    • SSR-3D6625AH
    • SSR22
    • Manufacturer: Guojing Keji

Notes from customer: “For the solid state relay, I know that it is a 25 amp. Should be a 480 volt. As for the burning not sure how it exactly happened, I believe it is attached to the heater and the heater broke causing it to short out.”

Hi IX0316,

Welcome to the Tech Forum. I could not find documentation for your particular relay, but these look very similar:

D53TP25D 25A 3-phase Zero-Cross SSR
D53TP25D-10 25A 3-phase, random-phase turn on SSR
D53TP25DH 25A 3-phase Zero-Cross SSR with attached thermally conductive pad

The key question is whether yours is a zero-cross type or random turn on type. I can not tell from what I see on yours. Typically, if you have a resistive load (like a heater), you would use a zero-cross type, but I can’t guarantee that that is what you have.

Found the website for Guojing but cannot navigate to find information on the SSR-3D6625AH


Is anyone else able to access and navigate their website?

Using that link, I could see some somewhat similar part numbers, but not that one. Based on what I did see, it’s likely rated for up to 660Vac 25A. Unfortunately, I couldn’t decipher the “AH” portion. “A” seems to be the common suffix among their various SSRs, which is likely (though I have no way to know for sure) the zero-cross type, as that is the most commonly used type. The “H” might refer to a thermally conductive pad, as this is how Sensata-Crydom indicates this, but again, I have no way to verify.

Here’s a broader range of parts rated for at least 480 Vac and at least 25A. There should be no harm in choosing higher max current and voltage ratings, so if you are looking for greater resilience, one of the higher rated ones might be worth considering.