Honeywell 26PC series part numbering and suffix 38 call out

Sometimes, you may see a suffix at the end of 26PC series Miniature Low Pressure Sensors from Honeywell in part numbers such as 26PCBFG5G38. The last suffix, 38, is not always called out in the manufacturer datasheet.

Here is the comparison between 26PCBFG5G and 26PCBFG5G38.

  • 26PCBFG5G has a wiring harness 24 inches in length
  • 26PCBFG5G38 has a special wiring harness 46 inches in length.

Below is a general 26PC series ordering guide.

Suffix 38 information listed on Honeywells site-
AST: What is the difference between 26PCBFG5G and 26PCBFG5G38 pressure sensors? (