Help identifying a Honewell pressure sensor

Hi there, I’m trying to identify what appears to be a Honeywell NBP/TBP pressure sensor installed in my coffee maker. If someone could take a look at the pictures and help with identification I would really appreciate it.


I agree with you. It does appear to look like it is from Honeywell. An example part number I found is
480-5842-ND. Though I looked through the data sheet and was unable to verify the part marking on it. These come in every configuration. Without knowing the pressure and output type I would not be able to verify. I am sorry. Without any additional information, I am not able to verify the exact part. This is a link to many options: .

Thank you for your reply. I wonder though if there is a way to reach out to the manufacturer to identify it based on the markings?

Based on your photo and the photos in the data sheet, it looks like your part has a non-standard port. Compare the dimensions of your part to the data sheet to know for sure.

It is very common for home appliances to have semi-custom components that can only be purchased from the appliance manufacturer.

Just measured the port: it matches the “AN: Single axial small barbed port” type from the data sheet. It is very possible though it can be a custom spec part in terms of other parameters (pressure, voltage). I was just hoping there is a definitive way to identify the part by markings.