Looking for high common mode pressure, low differential pressure sensor

I’m looking for a differential or vented guage pressure sensor that can handle up to 60MPa common mode pressures while sensing around ±100 PSI differential pressure. Ideally the sensor would have a Wheatstone bridge output that can handle 10V excitation. Ideally one of the pressure ports would be 1/4 28 thread.

I’m currently using a 26PCGFM6G, but the sensor can’t handle the high common mode pressure. The application is very unique where the vented side of the sensor is submerged in an electrically inert mineral oil that can reach up to 60 MPa while the total differential pressure is no more than 100 PSI. I’ve contacted Honeywell who says they don’t have any sensors that fit the common mode pressure requirements I have.

If need be I would be able to accept an I2C sensor instead of analog and would be okay with a different thread on the sensing port unless it is drastically different in size. Any suggestions are welcome.


Hello james.smith,
The only one close, that can handle that high of pressure, is 223-1503-5-ND.
It’s not a perfect match, so please check the datasheet to verify compatibility to your application.

That’s too bad, I really need a differential or gauge sensor. My major difficulty is in finding a sensor that can handle the high common mode while sensing a low differential or gauge pressure.

The notion of “common mode” pressure would seem rather different depending on whether one’s speaking of the differential or vented gauge case. The latter would seem to imply the electrical/interconnect side of things being wetted by this mineral oil bath, and electrically inert or not I would imagine that 60MPa would be sufficient to mess with things that anticipated life at 1 atmosphere.

As you say, the application is unique; finding an off-the-shelf part that is suitable may not be a realistic ask.

Hi Rick. Yes that seems to be the problem. If I were using a differential sensor I would have the second port exposed to the mineral oil essentially treating it as a vented gauge. It’s very difficult to find information for this specific use case, as like you said most of these sensors only anticipate the vented side to see around 1 atm. I think I might just try a few different sensors and see if they work.

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