Pressure sensor unknown

Dear Sirs,
I’m new to this forum, so thanx for hosting it.
I’m trying to identify a pressure sensor that solders onto the pcb board.
It’s part of the level switch that’s in my washing machine (integral with the temp switch).
The reason I want to fix it myself is b/c these switches are cheap junk from China that are unreliable and faulty, and I want to try to upgrade the component with a better one to make it work better and last longer.
Also, the replacement switches are damned expensive! They cost 10X more than they should!
There are no markings that I can find on the pcb board or on the component.
See pics.
Any help would be appreciated.

It would be difficult to identify a pressure sensor from a photo with no markings. Matching only the form (solder/pin layout) could lead to all sorts of problems. Do you have a link to the sensor shown elsewhere for sale where it might show a few specs, at least? Maybe the make/model of the washer, too? Otherwise, repairs usually involve replacing the whole PCB module where the component is located.

Hi Bill,

Thanx for your quick reply.

I do not have anything other than what you see. I had to return the part to service, so I can’t even de-solder it and see if there’s numbers on the bottom of the chip. Also, the paper diagram inside the Control Panel didn’t have anything distinctive that tells what component is could possibly be.

The corporate criminal monopoly empires who manufacture these cheap POS parts have locked out all possibility of discovering what components they’ve used in them. They just want to DRIVE their service and repair industry (like the auto manufacturers), so they can rape us as much as possible until they force us to grab our ankles and ‘buy new’.

I was hoping for some clue on how to figure it out.

At least the ‘tapping’ and blowing-sucking on the orifice brought it back to life for the meanwhile (did that sound right?).

Thanx for helping…Chris

That would appear to be a sensor in an 8-pin DIP format; similar devices that we have listed can be found here.

Identifying an exact replacement with confidence would require finding an identifying part number, and there’s no guarantee that it’d be something we’d have in stock. It may be possible to find a work-alike alternative, but doing so would require some reverse-engineering; the parameters remaining on that list of parts is a good guide as to the sort of things one would need to identify.

Thanx Rick,

I tried that too.

But the only thing I can think of is to look up the pin-outs on the chip and then use a DVM or oscilliscope to figure out what the values are for each pin while it’s in service, then make an educated guess on the pressure range require based on the air displacement. But first I’d have to figure out how much water fills the bottom box and how far up the hose the water can possibly go, then do the calculation on waster displacing the air, and then convert that to pressure.

I called the re-builder (Corecentric), and they told me it was proprietary. But that’s BS. It’s about the manufacturer’s maintaining their CORPORATE MONOPOLIES in the market, that’s what it’s about.

Thanx for your input.


The only other option would be to try searching online with the brand, model, and a relevant keyword. I tried ‘Corecentric Washer Sensor’ just to see what would happen, and I can definitely see items similar to that board and with the same type of sensor. I can’t be sure if it’s an exact copy (it has the cover over most of the PCB), and it’s still unlikely to find just the sensor rather than the whole board, but it’s the only other option left.

An example of one result was " MVWC6ESWW0 Load-Sensing Switch". The “Corecentric” search produced links to Maytag, Whirlpool, etc.