Pressure Transducer issues (M32-JM-000105-100PG)

Hello TechForum,

I am working on a human ventilator project to help combat COVID-19. We are using the above sensor to measure the air supply pressure from an O2 cylinder. The unit is allegedly I2C, but we are having trouble working with it.

The only return we are able to receive via the I2C bus is a 4. For all we can tell, this equates to a “Error = Other”. We know this transducer has a sleep mode, which one would assume would be handled automatically through I2C communications. Perhaps this is a bad assumption, and there is a specific “sleep mode” interface command?

We have two more sensors on order, in case this is just a faulty ducer. We were unable to locate a pressure transducer without the sleep mode.

We are stumped!

Hoping someone can help us.

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Hello team,
Does any one of you have expertise in this area?

Page 5 of the interface document indicates some non-standard I2C behaviors–that might be something to look at. Putting a 'scope on the bus and looking at what’s actually happening there would be something else that might buy some additional insight.