Pressure Transducer

Looking for a potential candidate to replace my current fuel pressure transducer. All I know other than what is provided in the photo, is it has four wires and is 1/4 pipe thread. I’m hoping the numbers in the photo will help. This particular transducer is almost 30 years old. No other indicators can be found. Thanks

Hello @david1, I believe the part is Digi-Key # 480-4143-ND (Honeywell # 236PC100GW). We will have to quote this part. Please fill out the Quote Required ( form.


@Jeff_Aberle thank you for the quick response. I will get a quote for filled out.

The wires are terminated into an AMP connector p/n: 205841-2. A quick search showed pins p/n: 1-66506-0. Does this sound correct to you? Also, are there tools to insert pins after crimping or do they push in and lock normally?

Thanks for your help!

The pins 1-66506-0 will work with 205841-2. The contacts should easily insert into the connector housing and lock into place. If the insertion tool is preferred, the associated tooling for the contacts would be listed at the bottom of the product page for the contacts. Here is the INSERTION/EXTRACTION TOOL for HDP-22.


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