Honeywell X213197-HUG Cross Reference

Honeywell was producing this thermostat which is obsolete now. Kindly suggest an alternative or replacement for this part. The alternative part must have exact mounting and temperature range.

Welcome to the Forum @Saqib, I did manage to find two potential crosses for this part, however, it does not have the same mounting format (there were no matches with that). Here is what I found:

Thanks @Kaleb_Kohlhase for finding two potential crosses. It is really helpful.

As for mounting, do you have any suggestions as to how should we work around it. We would be replacing the existing part, so we would need some sort of arrangement to mount these alternative parts.

That I’m not entirely sure about, they are quite different compared to the original, either a new mounting setup should be created in this case or you look at the datasheets to see if you can figure out a work-around mechanically. I personally don’t have any ideas since they are so different. It won’t be a “part” like a mounting bracket that would help.