Alternative Part - Cross Reference Tool had No Suggestions

I had someone build me a circuit a few years ago. One of the components was an accelerometer. The circuit worked, but there were some elements of the design that didn’t. The accelerometer was mounted along with the other electronics in a housing. On the outside of the housing were a few sensors. The housing had an orientation it had to be in to work properly and the acceleromater was used to sense if it was sitting upright.

The design with all the electronics in the body is what I need to change. I will put the electronnics in an enclosure and there will be a a body for the sensor. So I need to move the accelerometer to the sensor body.

What I have uses and Analog Logic ADXL345BCCZ-RL7CT-ND accelerometer. I see this is no longer available. I tried the cross reference tool and it came up empty.

I don’t need the exact size of footprint, in fact smaller would be better. I would like something that has the same number of pins and each would connect to the same sockets as the old one though. So basically a direct replacement.

Anyone have any suggestions?

We do have this part available, only packaged in trays instead of Tape & Reel, from the manufacture.
Click here for 505-ADXL345BCCZ-ND, and you can purchase these down to 1 piece.


I did try typing in the Analog Digital PN instead of the Digikey one and got some suggestions.

I’m thinking of the ADXL343BCCZ-RL

I also see that the suggestion, and likely original part is surface mount so are pretty small to begin with. So that is good. I was thinking of some sort of 3D printed plastic to hold it in the right postion the would slide into an opening to hold it in a cast part. Surface mount is pretty small for ordinary soldering. I’m wondering if there are any sort of small sort of connector bodies that might simply snap on a small individual surface mount device like this?