Accelerometer Replacement

Looking for this board complete… or just the accelerometer. Any information would be great.

Hello dbauer,

Thank you for your post.

I was not able to find anything on that board based on the markings.

Would you be able to tell us anything else about the accelerometer or perhaps what device the board was from?

The board comes out of what is called a “pot sensor”. Minnich is the name of the company that takes that board and puts it into a piece of rubber that goes around the hydraulic hoses of a concrete vibrator. The wires communicate back to a monitor that reports and records vibrations per minute being produced by each concrete vibrator.

The board is most likely a custom product made to facilitate connection of discrete wires to a surface-mounted accelerometer. Not likely an item that’s offered for retail sale as such.

The accelerometer itself may possibly be available; one would typically look for some sort of mark on the chip itself to ID it. It would appear that this one’s got some sort of epoxy schmoo glopped all over it, which will likely make reading marks impossible and won’t make the process of removing it for replacement any easier.