Obsolete Part replacement

I am looking for two replacement parts for obsolete components that are part of a BOM.txt that I need to source.

The obsolete parts are:

Here is the link to the kitspace that has the gerber, etc:

How do I go about finding replacements that will fit the footprint of the design and match the component specs?

Thank you!


A suggested approach is first to locate the product page for an item of interest. Then, use the check boxes to select the Product Attributes that are most important to match exactly for your application, and click “View Similar” to see the results from the same product family having those same attributes.

Obviously, the fewer attributes one insists on matching exactly,. the more options will be available. Perhaps you wouldn’t mind using a 2.1x5.5mm jack instead in this case-that could expand your options.

As it’s not yet possible to filter on the basis of PCB footprint for most electromechanical devices, one does need to check datasheets to determine whether or not a given candidate would be mechanically suitable. A dual-monitor setup is extremely handy for this, as it allows keeping the reference datasheet on one for comparison with those of possible alternatives. That’s a time-intensive task, so being thoughtful about ones choices of attributes to match is worthwhile.