Help locating substitutes for obsolete parts

HI, I’m trying to locate substitute parts for these obsolete components from a golf cart controller. I can purchase more if required. I’ve included pics if that helps. any help is greatly appreciated.

ONSEMI - TIP41C (x1)
ONSEMI - LM339N (x2)
Fairchild - RFP40N10 (x16)
ONSEMI - DR4180R H (x8)

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We do have stock on TIP41C-BP-ND from Micro Commercial.
LM339N/NOPB from Texas Instruments
IRF540PBF-ND from Vishay Siliconix
I wasn’t able to find a substitute to offer for DR4180R H.
You will want to compare datasheets to verify that these substitutes are suitable for your application.

thank you Jenny!!

The DR4180s appear to be a button diode fashioned into something compatible with a standard TO220-2 footprint.

The button diode form factor is both wildly common and not; they’re used in automotive alternators and similar applications by the millions, but since there are very few actual manufacturers in those markets they’re not common as a general-market item. The problem one would likely run into in finding a substitute in a standard plastic TO220 package is that the latter has a lot more inactive “filler” material by volume, leaving less space available for silicon and current-carrying lead members.

A 40A/80V rating loosely guesstimated from the part number would seem pretty close to the ratings of the adjacent transistors, though finding a datasheet to confirm would be desirable. Some reverse-engineering failing that might lead to some insights also, and I’d guess there’s a fair chance a person might be able to disassemble the two lead frame elements and solder in a standard button should the existing ones prove faulty.


Hello mef601,

Here are a few related links:

Based on the last post, I suspect it would be worth your time to purchase and then evaluate a TSR2402R diode for your application. I haven’t found a DigiKey substitution, but am readily able to locate this Schottky diode from multiple other source.

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would anyone know a good way to test these button diodes? hopefully i won’t have to replace?

i figured out how to test them and these are my readings, would anyone know if they are bad without a datasheet?


Looks like they are in an expectable range.

thank you Robert. I guess I’ll reuse them since i can’t seem to find a replacement.