CR4180R Motorola diode

Trying to find an alternative for this diode. I ordered an MU2020RG in its place but now I’m second guessing it. Any help would be awesome! The PMC-NE8D was also hard to track down but I ordered100V mosfets with a 120 amperage rating to replace those. This has been a challenge!

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I didn’t find data sheets for any of the parts you mentioned with a quick search, do you have links to data sheets?

With a melted bus bar and multiple flamed out resistors I’m betting there will be a lot more parts that are visibly dead but not shown in the photo.


Can’t find any data sheets either. And yes, there is much more wrong with this circuit board than just those…it blew out the PNP driver transistor and the whole other side full of mosfets and diodes….big mess.

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