ET412 Transistor Datasheet

Hi, I’m trying to identify or even better yet, cross this transistor. I can’t find a datasheet anywhere. Anyone familiar with this?
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I believe it is a Fuji Electric part. ET412

Do you have a photo of the part marking?


Yes but I’m away from work now. I’ll get out to you this afternoon. Thanks!

Sorry for the delay. Here is a picture of the part.
Tony Montgomery

Thanks for the photo. I wasn’t able to locate a datasheet for this part. It might be a custom part for a specific OEM.

Thanks for looking into it. I sketched the circuit and crunched some numbers. It’s definitely a Bipolar NPN. The NPNs driving these also blew. I sub’d in some transistors I had on-hand and the unit is back up and running.

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I am currently having the same problem and difficulty locating this part. Do you recall which transistors you had on hand to replace with?

I’m very sorry. This was a contractors customer so indirect. I have no record or idea of what transistors I grabbed. I can tell you from above that it was an NPN. You can see the package in picture and seem to have one in hand. It was in a robot drive. I’m thinking it was a 5-phase stepper drive?? Actually, since you probably have the unit you might have better specs right there. Think about the power amp buss voltage then simply crank up the voltage rating. Opt for a replacement with a reverse diode(since it is driving a motor). Unless it has reverse diodes on the PWA. That mainly leaves amperage(and temp.?). You can beef up the amps by checking the motor ratings. What ever they allow in a similar package. I hope this helps.