NPN C114 E H substitute needed

I need to replace this broken transistor.

Hello @devicefix,

Could you please include a photo of the part along with the marking?

Thank you!

I ordered this transistor C114 E S D
I’m weary about installing it. I think I need a digital one?
I plugged into a transistor tester interface and got these readings.

Have you figured out what transistor I need to order from you if the original one is obsolete?

I came across this datasheet which seems likely to be your part. If correct, it’s a BJT with integrated 10k resistors in a TO-92 package.

The NTE2355 looks like a very similar part. This is a Marketplace part, so if you ordered it, it would be shipped directly from NTE Electronics, Inc. rather than from us.

We do stock some other similar parts on our warehouse, but they are all surface mount parts, so you would have to get an adapter board or dead-bug wire it to fit on your board.