Transistor Identification


Can anyone help me in identifying/finding a replacement for these types of transistors please?

Thank you

I think those may be 2N133 and 2N183.

Nearly all germanium transistors are unavailable except for new old stock and recycled parts.

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Great, thank you very much for that information! The search begins!

Hello Abe,

It’s often difficult to find a direct replacement. However, you may be able to locate an NTE substitution using the technique described in this video:

For example, the NTE324 may be valid replacement for your 183 transistor. This is available as a marketplace item from DigiKey:

Generally, I’ve had good luck with these substitutions. However, we do need to be careful to perform a reality check to verify that the substitution is suitable replacement. Do compare the NTE324 datasheet with the equipment’s schematic if it is available. As an alternative you could use a transistor checker to compare the substation with a know good device. This is a necessary step, as there are many substitutions that seem correct, but similar marking can lead to confusion.

Please share pictures of your project. It’s always interesting to see the older equipment.

Best Wishes,