Horizontal Output Transistor Identification

Hello I am looking for a replacement HOT for a crt I am working on. Does this exist on digikey?

Hello mecrook,

There was a time when such a part was easy to source. Nearly every small town had a TV repair shop where replacements were easy to find, not so easy anymore.

The part number for transistors such as this D1652 has been shortened. You are actually looking for a 2SD1652.

I may be able to recommend a replacement:

  1. Start your search at NTE Electronics Inc. | Electronic Components Supplier | Search. Your 2SD1652 crosses to a NTE2302.

  2. The DigiKey marketplace offers a replacement here:

It’s been my experience that substitutions such as this are reliable. However, there may be outlying equipment that pushed the semiconductors to their limits. If this is the case, the replacement may not last long.

Best wishes repairing the equipment. I do hope that the HOT is the only defective component.



FUN FACT: Years ago, companies such as NTE were the go-to source for technicians. They had a thick (paper) catalog to cross reference semiconductors. The technicians would then stock the most common replacement semiconductors.

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Hi there thank you for all of this information. I will try and order those parts. I got this monitor fully dead for free. On the neckboard it had burned spark gaps which I have since replaced with new gdts with the same values from digikey. Also some solder was cracked. I fixed all of this and got a small shaky image with a wild sounding flyback. I left it on for a few min and the flyback started to arc dangerously. I turned off the set. I then actually ordered a replacement flyback from the only place I could actually find any for sale online. And still the issue persists. After discussing with the person who sold me the flyback he said that the HOT would need to be replaced so here I am. There are two on this monitor strangly (same part model and everything). I am assuming the arcing from the flyback went to the metal heatsync destroying at least one of the hots, although I could be wrong and it could be the tube itself. I also checked and replaced some caps that were buldged and dead near the power supply. So heres hoping these do the trick haha, been quite a project.

Best of luck with your repairs.

Be thankful you aren’t working on something older like a tube-type set with a 6LF6 horizontal output tube. That would set you back nearly $100 if you could even find one.

Please let us know if you were successful.

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