Cross reference 2N8403

Looks like a Motorola TO-220 package. Part number is 2N8403


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I was only able to find the 2N4403 which is TO-92 package. I found no such transistor that has the 2N8403 numbering even via Google search. Seems the picture you tried to upload did not go through properly. Can you submit it again?

Here are the results on our website for the 2N4403.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for the response. It doesn’t look like the images are loading properly.

You got the same results I did. There is also the number “9718” on the package. I didn’t find anything on that either.


Would you have further data on that item?
As “9718” usually is not enough to narrow options down.

If it is an additional marking on the “2N4403” it would likely be a date or lot code for when that item is made.


With the corrected images.
I would say that the 9718 would be a date / lot code for that item.

The “2N4403” we list should all function very similar to the original you show in the images.

The main difference is that these look like they would not be designed to be heatsinkable.

That’s all the information I have.
Was hoping someone might have an old Motorola cross reference.
Appreciate your help.

None of my old cross reference books (1988 and earlier) has designations higher than 2N6XXX.

So I suspect the 2N8403 was introduced around the 1990’s since Motorola Semiconductor Components Group became Onsemi in 1999.

I’m wondering if that isn’t a 2N6403.


Please see Digikey part number 2N6403GOS-ND.
Manufacturer part number is 2N6403G. This part is manufactured by Littelfuse Inc..
Per the datasheet, the G at the end of the part number calls out Pb Free Package.