Need help to find replacement for Motorola transistor

Hello to all
I have an old circuit board from the late 70’s that has transistors marked as Motorola 48s62 026 and I need a replacement part number.
Schematics diagram calls out for bveco-60 p/n 48s62 for use in the 28 volt system
A similar 12volt system calls out for bveco-40 p/n 48s42 for use in a 14 volt system. The transistor used in the 14 volt system is also identified as a 2N3116 npn transistor.
Unfortunately I need the transistor for the 28 volt configuration.
Any help you could provide will be greatly appreciated.

Hello Skycootie, Welcome to the TechForum.

I am sorry, but I was not able to find much information on the part numbers you gave for those Transistors. If the 14 and 28 Volt systems are similar I did piece a little together.
The common thing that might be similar would be the package type which could be the TO-18.

With that I did find some options that should be able to work for the 28 volt system. The only thing is I was unable to locate all the specs so for example the Collector current I am not sure about.
Please look at These Options.

Again the Voltage should be ok for it. I am not sure what is fully required for the current rating.
Please take a look at these and see if any would work for you.
If you have any questions Please let us know.

Thanks paul,
Best regards Ken

That part number isn’t in my 1970’s & 80s transistor substitution books.

A Google search on the part number indicates it was used in aviation systems and a few aviation replacement parts suppliers appear to have it available.