Anyone could help identify these transistors?

Hello all,

I had TO-92 packing transistors like shown by attached pictures, anyone could help me identify are they BJT, or MOSFET?

  1. K411 C246
  2. K412 C246
  3. K413 A226.

    Please help, any thing like datasheets, cross reference…any comments will be appreciated, thanks.



I do not find these parts in our system nor do we have similar options.

Thank you Robert.
Did you find them in TO92 packing ?
2SC246, can find TO3 packing only.
Do you believe this is regular BJT?
Thanks again.


There are no data sheets on these part numbers anymore to access. So yes. It appears they are regular transistors. Though trying to access old data sheets is not always easy. You might have to go back to the place that has these on their boards and ask for data. I am not finding anything that is useful on either part number.

Thank you Verna, honestly I have spent many hours searching around from internet and local electronic suppliers… some guys told me these are MOSFET… but nobody find the data sheets for these TO92 packing transistors.
In case anybody find more information, please send an update here.
Thanks you all.

Dear all, finally I found the datasheets, these are Koren “KEC” products—genearal BJT with built-in bias resistor.
MKRC246.pdf (15.2 KB)
Thank you Robert and Verna.
Datasheets can be found at KEC web:
or from another web:

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