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I have a transistor that is either N22E or N226 with that being said I think I have found what It is. I’ll include the datasheet and photo, however I would appreciate it is someone could verify this part.

2N1B (Q6).pdf (396.5 KB)


It’s difficult to tell from a photo, but it appears this device may be in an SOT-23 package. There are several devices known to exist in this package with “N22” markings (the end character is often a date code or similar) including a number that provide a voltage detection function, similar to that of the device linked.

Unfortunately, the information available is not sufficient to determine the identity of the pictured component with certainty; some further investigation/reverse engineering to understand the function that the part serves would be needed. That said, the suggestion of it being a voltage detection IC like the one referenced would appear to be a very plausible one based on the info provided.

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It’s possible it’s the ACE301N22, but the datasheet does not give part marking to confirm. Based on the part number breakdown in the datasheet, it would likely be a 2.2V voltage detector - does that seem reasonable in your circuit?

I’m pretty skeptical about that. It looks to me like they are labeling it “Qx” (the digit after “Q” is cut off in your image), and “Q” generally is used to represent a transistor rather than an IC (integrated circuit), which is what the ACE30xxx is. Figuring out where each of the pins are connected within the circuit might help give you a better idea what it might be.

To help narrow down options, what are the precise dimensions of the package (length and width of the body and the center-to-center spacing of the pins)? This would help verify whether it is a SOT-23 or some other similar shaped, but smaller package. A zoomed out view of the board might give clues, based on what other components are connected to it and what other parts are nearby. Identifying whether any pins connect to ground and/or the power rail (supply voltage for the board) and to what other parts any pins are connected can all help.

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Hi @TechMonkey ,
It is hard to tell from the photo, but if it does indeed have a ‘Q’ listed as the reference designator on the board next to the part, then it may be some type of amplifier such as a bjt or mosfet, especially since it appears to be handling some power. As a long shot, it may be 488-SMMUN2238LT1GCT-ND.

Thank you all for your info. I have some more photos and I did find a schematic, however it is reference to a later version of this board. It is indeed an SOT-23

I know the schematic isn’t the same however it may be used similarly. Here is a V1.00 vs V1.22. The 1.00 is the one that uses the STO-23 package.

Hi @TechMonkey ,

Thank you for the extra photos and schematics. This is an N-Channel Mosfet. It is powered by a 12v drain with a 5v PWM gate signal.

SSM3K324RLFCT-ND should be a good choice, please review datasheet specifications before ordering.

-Keep in mind there may be other parts burnt out on the board before or after this one did.

I’ll have to try this part, for this revision this is a common part that fails due to a bad motor and it will sometimes back feed into the main board killing it. However the board is currently fine and I’ll be checking the other chips with a huntron tracker to ensure they appear fine.

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I was able to verify that this part works for my application. Thanks again for your help.

@TechMonkey Thank you for your feedback, it is greatly appreciated.

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