Need to identify three different transistors by their markings

These three transistors are each in a SOT-23-3 package

  1. I have a JFET with marking 450L
  2. transistor with marking 1AM-I
  3. transistor with marking 2A4
    Please let me know if you can identify any of these.

1AM is an ON Semiconductor PZT3904. It’s most likely a 2N3904 type NPN GP.
2A4 is likely a 2N3906 type GP PNP transistor.

450L is more evasive. If you are sure it’s a SOT-23-3 and it’s a JFET, then I can’t seem to find anything at all. I found many 450 parts, but they are either voltage regulators or voltage detectors.


Thank you, that is quite helpful. I have a lead on the 450L JFET, I believe it is an Interfet IF4500.

That is a very good possibility.

I’m glad I could help!