Help identifying smt transistor

I need to replace a transistor marked K26 with x4 marked sideways after the “K26” marking. It’s an SOT-23 package.


Hello @katrisha,

Would you be able to attach an image of the part. That help us to identify what product you have.


Hi Brock,

Here’s a pic.

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We are checking on this and will get back to you as soon as we find out more information.


Hello @katrisha,

Thank you for your patience. I asked for some help from our internal team and we were able to find some information. The part markings look like “K26”, but what was found is that is is actually “K2G”. Those part markings correlate to a part from Diodes Incorporated. Part number MMSTA56-7 is their part number and on the datasheet for that part, it shows that the part markings would be “K2G” and that the “X4” calls out the date code. Please refer to the datasheet to determine if this is the correct part for you application.

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I just looked at it under a scope with much higher magnification. You are correct! Thank you so much for the help.