Parts Identification

Hi Guys,

Could someone please help me identify the circled transistors/mosfets in the attached picture please. So far, this is what i have:

A46TF = TF3404
A1 S = BAW56

I’m not too sure this is correct. Thank you for all the help.

Hello, welcome to the forum!

It looks like you’re correct on that first item, A46TF seems to be the marking for a part number TF3404 MOSFET. This isn’t a specific model we carry, so I’d suggest SSM3K333RLFCT-ND as an alternative. I recommend looking over the specs to confirm that you can use this. It should be a good alternative in terms of performance but the device package is slightly different.

As for the second item, I was able to confirm this in a manufacturer datasheet, we have it stocked under DigiKey number 4786-BAW56CT-ND.