I need help with BMP581

I need a part, but I don’t know what I need.

I have a Bosch BMP581 Shuttle Board. I need to connect it to a breadboard. However, the sensor’s connections are too small, for the breadboard.

Can someone suggest what I can do to accomplish this task? If anyone has specific parts that would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

other than develop your own board , there is
828-SHUTTLEBOARD3.0BMP581-ND, the part you have you have to design the foot pattern so the board can fit on your board. the board on this link is just the part on the board to help designers as it is on a board with headers

Making my own board is definitely an option, it is not an ideal solution though. It’ll be a bit time consuming. I will consider it.

The BMP581 Shuttle board 3.0 has two single row 0.05"/1.27mm pitch male headers positioned one at each end of the PCB (0.7"/17.78mm apart), so to use it with a breadboard I’d do one of two things.

If I intend to use it longer term or for multiple projects over the years, I’d build a small adapter PCB out of perfboard to give me only the connections I need on a single 0.1"/12.54mm pitch male header that fits in solderless breadboards.

If it’s only for a few days of testing in the breadboard and only once or twice over the years, I’d make a cable with 0.05"/1.27mm pitch female headers on one end and standard DuPont male connectors on the other.

Hopefully Adafruit, or one of the other similar companies, will make a breakout board with proper breadboard spaced male headers in the future because that sensor looks to have amazing specs.

The second option is desirable. Do you have any part numbers? I will look connectors, but if you happened to have the part numbers. It is unlikely that you have the numbers.

I don’t have a part number in mind for the 0.05" pitch female headers, I’d probably find some in my box of salvaged cable harnesses.

For the male Dupont’s I’d just cut off one end of some jumpers I already have.

That is fine. I’ll take what I can get. I’ll do some digging for the female connectors. Do you have one on hand? I would like to know what the female header looks like. I mean I have general idea, but I want to make sure I get the right one.

Never mind I found images