I'm looking for a right-angle breadboard pin header

I need some longer, right-angle, single-row pin header strips for a breadboard. I got these from Amazon:

Amazon.com: Chanzon Pin Header Strip for Arduino Gpio 40 pin x 10pcs Male Headers Pins Rignt Angle 90 Degrees Single Row Gold Plated Pitch 2.54mm 0.1 inch Breakaway for PCB Connector Machine Breadboard : Industrial & Scientific

, but the pins are too short. They come out of the breadboard if you breath on them wrong.

I saw that Phoenix Enterprises makes some:

1x36 pin Snap Header .1"sp R/A LP .390" Tail: Phoenix Enterprises -PE- Connectors IC Sockets Tools Cable Wire (peconnectors.com)

that would probably work. There was another one that they had, but I can only put two links in a post. They require a minimum order, though, and I don’t see them for sale on Digikey.

Does Digikey have this type of product available? Remember, it has to be longer pins than the Amazon ones.

Thank you for your assistance.

Welcome to the DigiKey Community, babbarossa.

If I understand your description, you are looking for something like this:

For reference, here is a down selected list of related components. This will allow you to choose a specific size / price point.

0.100" (2.54mm) Through Hole, Right Angle Headers, Male Pins | Rectangular Connectors | Electronic Components Distributor DigiKey

On a related note, have you considered a wire wrap connection for your project? Personally, I find the wire wrap to be a good way to connect things like sensors to a microcontroller. The wire wrap attaches directly to a header. This makes the project more stable so that I don’t need to troubleshoot the random loose wire nearly as much.

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P.S. Do check my work. The breadboard should have a 0.1 inch pitch.

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Yes, that’s it. I must have not been familiar with the terminology used by Digikey. Thank you very much for your help. I found a couple of things to try out. Hopefully, they’ll work out.

The wire wrap connection sounds interesting. I’d like to see what it looks like, but when I put “wire wrap connection” into Digikey, I get 2,695 results, none of which are labeled "wire wrap connection; so I don’t know… There must be better ways to search for parts…

Also, I tried to check out your work as you suggested. I clicked on your name, and it looked like your profile and all came up. I didn’t see anything labeled “work” or “projects” or anything like that. I guess I’m just not good at finding stuff. Perhaps you could provide links…

Anyway, thanks, again. I’ve ordered what I think may work; so your help ended in a sale, for what it’s worth.

Hello barbarossa,


Glad we could help.

As for the wire wrap, here is a picture showing the technique on a breadboard. Observe the thin red wire connecting the LCD to the Arduino Pro Mini microcontroller.

This is the tool I used for my own work. Over the years it has saved me a good amount of trouble. As for wire, look for 30 AWG. You can purchase a spool or precut length. In this example I used precut wire.

Good luck on your project. Please share pictures when you are complete so that our readers can see how the headers were used.

Best Wishes,