Connector/Cabling suggestion needed

I need to make connections to an Arduino 2560 CPU card with a stacked display on top. I am interfacing to (4) 23 gage multistranded wires from an incremental encoder. This design is to go into a commercial product now under contract.

I only need two connection on (a) 1x8 female pcb mounted connector and (b) a 2X18 female socket at the end. The 1x8 must be a 90 degree connection to get out from under the upper display board.

I can not use single pins as the mechanical grip of the female connectors are individually weak and predisposes them to fall out for lack of grip. Even though I only have 2 connections per header, I must have a connection with all pins mechanically in place to mechanically secure them from coming out.

The pins need to be standard 0.025" (square) on 0.1 centers and not solder blades.

A 1x8 and 2x18 male connector designed to take a ribbon cable would be fine … alternative suggestions are very welcome!

Thank you! I appreciate your good assistance!!!

Bruce Cavender

Bruce, Please check out part numbers CES-108-02-T-S-RA-ND which is the 8 pin single row right angle and S7112-ND which is the 18 pin dual row.

Hi Bruce,
Thanks for visiting with us on the Digikey tech forum. I see Bob gave you some options for socket headers but it’s a bit unclear to me. Do you need both the headers and mating connectors or just mates to existing headers?


Thank you for the quick replies. Sorry for the confusion.

After thinking a little longer term for the sensors/apps we have in mind, the solution that would be the most productive would be to go to a standardized wiring connection scheme which would not require a custom set of headers or crimp pins to interface to the 2560CPU board for every new project. The best attachment would be to run the sensor wires to screw terminal strips using a system that breaks out all the board pins to direct, solid connections for 18-22ga multi-strand wires.

This way I can design out custom interconnects, reduce labor and have no concern about pins shaking or accidentally getting pulled out of the tiny sockets/providing additional support structures. It is more productive to concentrate on the software apps and just use the same interface for all projects.

A quick search on the net showed one design that appears to meet that need, but they are only sold in kits requiring assy and the sources are pretty much unknown for quality and availability.

Does DK source a terminal board equivalent to this? (This is the CPU and TouchDisplay shield I am using)



Hi Bruce,
I did some checking for similar boards and wasn’t able to find any to offer.

Hi Bruce,

As Steve stated, we do not have a similar board which provides terminal block connections for all I/O of the Mega-2560 R31 board. However, if you can get by with fewer terminal contacts, we do have a few options.

I appreciate you trying!