Looking for high power board to board connection

Doing a new board design and looking for suggestions for a daughter board connection capability that will support high power connection. The boards will be parallel to each other

  1. High power , at least 70 amps, 30V

  2. Thru-hole

  3. Space efficient. This is going inside a drone so space and weight are at a premium

  4. Ideally the ability to have some choice of distance between the boards.

Thanks for visiting the Digikey tech forum. How many conductors do you need for the connection?

Hi Steve we will need at least two pins, one each for +/-. But for a connector with individual pins at lower amperage capability we would need multiple parallel pins.

Hello robws,

A pair of connectors you can look at are 1195-15520122701000CT-ND for the male connector, and 1195-15620122701000CT-ND for the female connector. Each is 12 pins, and each contact can handle up to 19A @ 180V. Please check the datasheets for compatibility to your application.

Thinking a bit differently, one might also note that products such as the 7466004 are available which potentially could serve both a mechanical and electrical function. Similar products are available under the guise of board standoffs, though one would want to take careful note of any solderability issues due to plating/materials. Pin sockets might be another idea to contemplate.

Hi Rick,
Thank you, those are excellent ideas!