Waterproof/resistant power/signal connectors


I am working on a new drone device and am looking for connector suggestions. Would have a bulkhead connector with wire to the PCB internally and then wires connecting on the exterior via the connector.

Minimum IP67. Need two different styles, and want them to be different so user does not confuse how they should be connected.

1st connector - 4 wires - 2 signal, 2power (400VDC, minimum 5 amps per conductor)
2nd connector - 2 Wire power 24VDC, minimum 5 amps, prefer 10 per conductor)

Obviously cost and size are also important!


You’d almost certainly be looking at some form of circular connector here, given the mechanical form factor and ingress protection requirements.

Something else to be considered is which side of the connector set needs to have pins and which has sockets. Standard practice is to put the sockets on the side that’s electrically live, so as to minimize chances of accidental contact. Probably a good idea to stick with that convention if you’ve got a 400VDC source capable of delivering 5A, eh… Do also ask yourself carefully if you really want to be running signals in the same cable/connector as that high-voltage power feed.

Anyhow, here is a short list of in-stock possibilities for the bulkhead side of the 4-position unit, and another for the 2-pinner. Find a series with traits you like, and the cable side mates should be easy to find–easiest place to start looking is in the “Mating Products” section towards the bottom of a connector product page.