Need Help to ID Mysterious connector

Hi there

I am not an electrician so I am new to this.

I am looking to purchase this connector which is a high current DC connector that is water resistant. Its use case is to carry up to 100amp over 56V in a marine environment. It is a quick connect as well, no apparent locking mechanism.

I was wondering if you know what type connectors connectors are these?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Hi @MauiMan, can you please add 2 additional photo’s? One from the front of the connector with a ruler and also the plug. Thanks!


Thanks for responding @RobertCNelson Robert.

I dont have possession of the unit anymore. It came from an electric hydrofoil so it is marine application to be water resistent.

The male end is about 10mm and there are no channel on the female end or cam lock mechanism on the male end that I can tell.

Hi @RobertCNelson Robert

Here are the photos. Any ideas?

image image image

Hi @MauiMan, thanks! That does help…

I ‘think’ the contact is this, but i think you have a custom injection molding over it:

TE has more pictures of the physical terminal here: