Circular Connector Identification

I’m looking for either end of this circular locking connector. It has a collar which pulls back to release the connection. There’s a single locating pin on the plug and a slot on the receptacle for it. It’s a two pin connector and the connections are labeled 1 and 2 inside. Pins appear to be on a 0.1" spacing. Outside of plug end is 9.8mm diameter. Portion of plug that inserts into the recepticle is 5.6mm diameter.

Anyone recognize this one?

Looks like a 2 pin push-pull DIN connector, but I can’t find that particular one in our system.

Thank you for trying to locate it so far. Is there any additional information or measurements that would help in identifying it?

The grip pattern on this looks very much like ODU.

Most of the metal push-pull manufacturers have a vertical/horizontal grooving/knurling rather than this wave pattern. You will see it on their Mini-Snap pin and groove range.
Not sure of the series in this case, but I hope this might help.

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Take a look at Digikey part number 1907-1274-ND, looks close but you would need to verify the size.

Thank you for the suggestions all. I did finally locate the connector. It is a Weipu SF6 specifically the SF610. It doesn’t appear that Digikey carries anything from Weipu. I contacted the company and they said they have no current US supplier. They allowed direct purchase but maybe it would be a line Digikey would consider carrying in the future?