Plug and socket identification

I have a remote control cable that plugs into a socket, and I’d like to be able to extend the reach of the cable, but I’m having trouble positively identifying the plug and the socket.

The pin pattern reminds me of the 5A pin pattern in the DIN standard, but the official spec for those connectors is 13.1mm diameter, which I think is a little larger than this plug. Also, those pins look smaller than these pins. Also, I haven’t seen a threaded DIN standard connector.

The size of the pins makes it look more like Power DIN, but that seems to only go up to 4 pins, and this has 5 pins.

The plug diameter is approximately 0.5 inches, just a little less, possibly 12.5mm or 12mm? The socket diameter is just a hair larger than the plug diameter.

If it helps, I think the equipment was manufactured in South Korea in 2008.

For my purposes, the new plug and socket do not have to be threaded, although that would be preferred.

Thanks in advance for positive identification or any tips!

“GX12” is a query that should turn up plenty of sources. It’s a 50+ year old design that’s been cost-reduced to the point that few western channels bother to trade in them anymore.

Thank you Rick! I think you nailed it.

Few western channels seems to be about the long and short of it. I wasn’t able to find a match on Digikey, Mouser, or McMaster-Carr. I eventually found a US-based seller with decent reviews on eBay.