Circular slide connector identification

Hello I’m looking for help identifying this conector for a foot pedal.

Thank you


Hello Adam - welcome to the Forum community. I’m sorry, I’m not having any luck identifying your connector. Is there any letteriing or numbering on the connector? A manufacturer’s logo? Can you give the dimensions? How many positions is it? Any additional information would be helpful.

Hi jenny Thank you for the reply!

I’ve done a bit more digging…


looks like two key safety feature


That’s helpful! It looks like Redel is now a part of Lemo (a supplier which we do carry) but we don’t have a 5 position version of your connector. Here’s a link to the Redel catalog. You can match up the dimensions of your connector to the proper one here and we should be able to order it for you as a special order. You would need to use the catalog to build a part number and then provide that part number to us. Our non-catalog quote department would check with the manufacturer for lead time, minimum order quantity and pricing and get back to you with a quotation. It usually takes about 3-5 business days to receive a special order quotation.