ODU Push Pull Connector

Is there a cross to this connector, different brand such as lemo maybe? I see it can be ordered but it’s not stocked anywhere so was hoping there would be another brand that’s more common.

ODU S40B0C-P02MJG0-450S

Welcome to the technical forum. I am sorry. I am not seeing any alternatives. Though with circulars or any connector, it is hard to find something exact. Usually I recommend to replace both sides if possible. If this is not possible as a piece of equipment has the mate on it. I recommend going to the OEM of th equipment to see if they have any replacement mates. Otherwise I would contact ODU direct on who has stock on the one you need.

Rumor has it that the ODU mini-snap products are capable of intermating with the corresponding B & K series Lemo products. Haven’t validated this for myself, but these may be some part numbers you’d be interested in.