Who can identify this plug?

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Good day

I am struggling to find this plug. I don’t have a name for it either. Does someone know more about it and where to get it?

It’s for USB. Power and data.

Thank you

Hello @kavm.

Unfortunately I am not having any luck finding a plug that matches this one. I will leave this here and see is anyone else on the @DigiKey_Internal team can help to identify this one.


I also have been looking and no luck. Do you see any markings on the connector ?
Is there any kind of Manual with a part call out of at least the size of this connector ?

its a NEMA type connector, essentially water proof or water resistant molded connector; Lowrance uses similar connectors, but thiers are keyed as opposed to this one with a single flat side for orientation. I do not think you will find anything like this though; it appears to be somewhat proprietary; unless looking to the supplier of the equipment first.