600VDC Connector


I purchased this connector system (p/n 708-2035-nd)
The system (connector) is physically too small for the application, even though it does meet all of my technical requirements (listed below). I’m looking for something with a slightly larger body. Eventually, the system will use an inline (cable mount) female and male connector.

The pertinent specifications are:
UL Recognized
1.7A (more is fine)
450V (I’ve found systems that are rated for this, but are not recognized at 450. UL Recognizes at a 300V level and a 600V level)
Cord grip with a 0.23 cord in its range.
22ga stranded wire.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Hi, for the type that you are looking at, there is not much to offer. Please see other options on first the link below, but they are all from the Buccaneer series. You might try looking over regular type circular connectors, see second link. Glenda