Rated Voltage


My question is regarding the HR41 connector series (HR41-25WBPE-3SC).
In the Datasheet it’s rated voltage is 1000V AC/DC and it’s UL/TüV Rated Voltage is 600V AC/DC.
What is the difference between the two?
We want to use it in an installation where there are intervalls of 30minutes with 700Volt and 30mins no voltage.
Can I use this connector?

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You may notice that the current and temperature ratings between the two paradigms differs also, with the UL/TuV ratings likewise being the lesser of the two.

A somewhat oversimplified answer to the “what’s the difference” question might be that the higher figures are more reflective of practical operating limits (note that such limits do not necessarily apply concurrently) whereas observing the UL limits (usually) results in the incorporation of ample safety margins and facilitates an end product’s receiving the blessing of the same agency.

Whether or not that connector would be a prudent choice for your application is something you need to decide for yourself. If you’re in a position to accept risk of failures, the 700V figure is an actual limit rather than something nominal with implied excursions beyond, and the combination of current flow and ambient temperatures doesn’t get out of hand, it’d probably work just fine. On the other hand, if failure’s likely to cause issue from a liability standpoint, you may be better off selecting another connector that carries official blessing for your operating conditions.

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