HV Connector to banana

Getting an older Fluke HV supply and wanted to get the correct connector for it. It is the 415B supply and has a “UG931/U” connector on the front and back. Which mate do I use here?


UG-931/U would appear to be an alternate name for an Amphenol 000-27000, described as an “MHV” style coaxial jack. These would appear to be the in-stock options in a mating plug. Looks awfully similar to a much-cheaper standard BNC, with extension of insulation to improve creepage/clearance. That would make sense given the nature of the equipment.

The post title suggests an interest in breaking that output to the common banana-type jacks; do take a moment to realize that there’s some hazard in that, by virtue of making it easy to touch things that you really, really do not want to end up touching. 3kV@30mA DC won’t necessarily send a person to meet one’s maker, but getting afoul of such a source can make that seem like a preferable outcome…

Assuming that you understand this and are determined to proceed anyhow, making a pigtail out of a handy piece of coax and using copious amounts of heat shrink tube to insulate things would probably be the easiest route. I’m a fan of the Q5-4X series HST personally.

Thanks for the detailed response Rick! I’m keeping my self and my lab safe with copious amounts of polyimide tape and heat shrink on an MHV coax cable. I think all is well, and the unit surprisingly has stayed mainly in cal, even with these very old pots.