Banana, Meter Interface

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Banana and Meter Interface test leads consist of a probe, clip, or plug on one end and a banana plug interconnect on the other end. These cables provide a connection between a measurement device and an electronic circuit. The test lead connectors include banana plug, alligator clip, banana socket, bantam plug, fuse probe handle, Kelvin clip, hook pincer, tweezer, test probe, tip plug, WECO 310 phone plug, wire clamp, and wire leads.


Stacking Method: Enumerates the styles in which a lead’s connectors may connect to other connectors of similar type.

Configuration: The description of the type of connections each end of the item has.

1st Connector: Describes the type of the first connection.

2nd Connector: Describes the type of the second connection.

Cable Length: The measurement of the distance across the longest section of the cable.

Type: Describes the purpose of the item or the type of item it is meant to be used with.

Contents: Indicates the number of and type of items that are included.

Material - Insulation: Indication of the type of material used in the fabrication of the insulation.

Wire Gauge: The size of the conductor being use in the item, expressed in terms of American Wire Gauge.

Voltage - Rated: Typically this represents the maximum voltage rating to which a device will meet its given specifications. Exceeding this voltage rating may damage the device and other system components.

Ratings: Minimum performance standards of the device, which are typically set by a third party.

Current Rating (Amps): Typically this represents the maximum current to which a device will meet its given specifications. Exceeding this current may damage the device and/or other system components.



MFR PART # BU-2641-D-48-0
DIGI-KEY PART # 314-1562-ND
MANUFACTURER Mueller Electric Co
DESCRIPTION 48.0" (1219.20mm) Banana Plug, Single To Test Probe Patch Cord 600V


MFR PART # B-36-2
DIGI-KEY PART # 501-1048-ND
MANUFACTURER Pomona Electronics
DESCRIPTION 36.0" (914.40mm) Banana Plug, Single, Stackable To Banana Plug, Single, Stackable Patch Cord 5000VDC (5kV)


MFR PART # CT3802-30-2
MANUFACTURER Cal Test Electronics
DESCRIPTION 12.0" (304.80mm) Banana Plug, Single, Sheathed To Alligator Clip, Insulated Patch Cord 300V


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