Shielded to unshielded adaptors

Hi. I’m looking for some adapters to go from a shielded male banana jack to an unshielded male banana jack. Thanks for any suggestions!

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I am sorry to inform you that these are the online male to male banana jack we carry

OK. I’ll have to make some. Would you be able to tell me which female banana jacks will work on a shielded male banana plug? 18-22ga. red and black.

I am unaware of any stricktly shielded banana plugs or jacks; the Pomona 1167 series does implement this but only in regards to a full cable assembly (and with a shielding plug to boot). What was the origin connector you are using?

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We use Snap-On diagnostic equipment/scanners and some of the adapters/cables have shielded connectors on them. It looks like a regular banana plug but the metal part is shielded.

The “Sheathed” attribute in the “insulation” parameter of the banana jack family is the one that’s going to differentiate between the “standard” and “meter” flavors of banana connector. It’s not entirely clear what precisely you’re after, but most of what you’d want for making adapters would be in that family. Do check the drawings, as some of the data may not be quite perfect.

It’s a bit of an odd connector, insofar as the “meter” flavor is made for safety against accidental contact, while the “standard” type is anything but. Do give some thought to potential liabilities if you’re going to leave mixy-matchy sorts of cables lying around.

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The sheathing on the plug is preventing us from plugging into some jacks. So basically I need something to turn a sheathed plug into an un-sheathed plug. I’m thinking I can build a cable that has a jack end that will fit on the sheathed plug and the other end will have an un-sheathed plug. Does “Meter” mean sheathed and “standard” mean un-sheathed?

Yes. The sheathed version would have more protection for the higher currents . Just more protection against an accidental touch. Less than 10ma of current can kill . This is why they put the protection or sheath on the meter plugs.

Would a 4mm sheathed jack to a standard 4mm plug work for this? Such as CT3089-ND. These should accept the standard 4mm sheathed banana plug to use with standard banana jacks. I haven’t seen a shielded banana connector like you described. It might have helped to have seen what the connector you have looks like.

Thanks Jeff! It looks like those will work. I have ordered some to try out.

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