Hirose EV1 series connector

EV1 Connector

The EV1 series is made for high current and voltage applications .It is used in construction equipment , winder power generators , storage batteries , and machinery to name a few examples. This little powerhouse of a connector can be up to 180 amps and 640 volts . It has the protection that you need to use it in practically any environment. EV1 is rated at IP68 when not mated and IPX9K when mated . If vibration is an issue, this connector is equipped with multiple contact springs and screw lock to keep it in place. Hirose provides shielding for this connector against EMI and other noises that can interfere . Along with all this protection from the elements they did not forget about you and has the IEC 60601 finger protection.

Other facts :
Voltage : 460 AC 650 DC
Temperature : -40 to 50C
Mating Durability : 50 times
Vibration resistance: JIS C1601 3-D-110 (110 m/s2)
Conductor size : 20-26.6 mm2
Conductor jacket outer: 08.8 + .25mm
Sheath outer : 011.5 +0.25mm
Bolt for mounting flange : M6
Bus bar receptacle excepts:3mm thickness
Receptacle excepts : standard crimp contact and washer 1.6mm
Part number : https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/hirose-electric-co-ltd/EV1-62P-2PC/H122425-ND/5039813
Tool : https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/hirose-electric-co-ltd/HT111-9H-60/H122421-ND/5031973

Resources : Hirose , Dustin Jarshaw (Product Manager )