Connectors - Hirose


The FX series from Hirose, what is the difference between Cleaning type and No Cleaning type?


When the board is washed and the No cleaning connectors are use the cleaning liquid could pool up around the contacts and ruin the connector.
The Cleaning type connectors will have escape holes placed in the connector to allow the cleaning liquid to drain from the connector.


What is the cable that I use for the FX2B series from hirose. For example FX2BA-100SA-1.27R (Digi-Key part number H4355-ND)?


The FX2B series connectors have a 1.27mm pitch. The cable to use with the connector will also have to have a 1.27mm pitch. On these connector two cables are required, because of the different level of contact points.


What is the Set screw that is for the RM circular series from Hirose? Example RM12BPE-6PH(71)


The set screw that is used is the part number JR-S