Eval/Explorer/LaunchPad board with Hirose FX23 series connector

I’m about to receive a new board design with 60 and 120 pin Hirose FX23 series (0.5mm pitch rectangular) and need a breakout whether PCB as cable. Does Hirose offer anything like that? How about ChipQuik for a base board?


Yes, I have CAD tools and footprints, just seeing if I can avoid that route.


I do not show any breakout boards for these parts, you have to make your own.

I do not show any breakout boards for these parts.

The only thing I have found are the following ChipQuick parts:

DR050D254P060 60 pin smt to DIP adapter

DR050D254P144 144 pin smt to DIP adapter

The footprint dimensions for the signal pins are compatible, but there are no provisions for the through hole stability pins featured on the FX23 connectors. It may be possible to hack these boards to make them work, but no guarantees.

Also note that the larger one is a 144 pin adapter, so you would only be using some of the pads on the board.

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Thank you.

Those are obviously hackable on a hand-built prototype basis, and we have ordered the parts. My regret is not figuring out proto-advantage (joined at the hip with Chip Quik) would mount parts for a few bucks each so we had to cut a PO (lots of paperwork and people on vacation chasing!) to a local soldering vendor, who also needed the screen to print the solder paste. P-cards to Digikey are easier!

Note how the power pins are tabs, and can be bent… and then we can drill for the through-hole pins and almost certainly bend them over for mechanical strength.

Not that any of this is suitable for production – and of course the setup totally destroys the high-speed low-reflection transmission line properties of these connectors, which is fine for the very simple digital checkout and low-speed full speed USB (11MHz) we expect to do before the “real” mating board (still a test object) arrives in a month or so.

Eric Christenson